A common fight and aim: a company dedicated to its employees!

SICTAME-UNSA-TOTAL, a truly independent labour union

SICTAME is a truly independent union not shackled to any other body. Itspolitical standpoint and its actions are defined by its members, respecting a mode of operation based on transparency and democracy. It disaffiliated from the CFE-CGC in 2002 to remain free and faithful to its ideas. In 2004, it joined the National Union of Autonomous Unions (UNSA), allowing it to combine autonomy and a national presence.

SICTAME-UNSA-TOTAL, a union open to everyone.

As its name suggests, itrepresents employees at every level. SICTAME is the No1 labour union and No1 management union at both Total SA, the group’s holding company, and in its upstream petroleum sector. At the most recent elections, more than 1 in 3 voters chose SICTAME!

SICTAME, a union dedicated to straight talking and transparency.

It endeavours to do its best to serve employees andtheir interests, as well as those of the company.
Above all, SICTAME-UNSA is recognised and reputed for its ability to listen, its availability, the quality of its welcome, the accuracy of its conclusions and its efficiency.

SICTAME, a union promoting citizen involvement.

SICTAME believes that each employee is a citizenin the company and must be considered as such. It fights against all forms oflack of consideration, disrespect, discrimination, as well as stress and harassment in the workplace. It supports the establishment of a form of employee representation which is both authentic and democratic and takes into account the expressed desires of the employees themselves.

SICTAME, a democratic union.

SICTAME organises regular meetings with itsmembers and sympathisers. It publishes a monthly news magazine, ‘Les Cahiers duSICTAME’, and hands out numerous pamphlets throughout the year, either under its own banner (‘Le SICTAME vous informe’ – ‘SICTAME keeps you informed’) or in connection with other unions or with AVAS (Voluntary Association of Shareholders Employees and Former Employees of Total Group).

SICTAME, a union attentive to employee problems.

SICTAME considers and takes action on every issue that touches the lives ofemployees: social progress v. social regression, employment, training,workload, subcontracting, the daily working rhythm, health at work, assigned and expatriate employees, the economy, the future of the company etc.

Our aims

Our company is one of the leading businesses on the European and world stage, and it owes its standing above all to the work we and our predecessors have carried out.

Economy and society are interlinked, so while excellent economic results need to be accompanied by social advances, stagnation in one field can compromise progress in the other.

Each day, your representatives pay close attention to your company’s economic activities, defend your social rights and endeavour to prevent a sometimes overly powerful technostructure from harming the legitimate interests not only of employees but also of shareholders, which the majority of you are as well.
Unions remain indispensable in modern post-industrial societies. They have traditionally been and continue to serve as a powerful engine of social progress which benefits us all, particularly in France.

Helping to make our company more human, they have played a significant role in raising the standard of living and improving work and safety conditions for all of us, as well as promoting measures of social protection and coverage.

They push for the development of citizenship in the workplace and contribute to the strengthening of democracy in our country.

We invite you to take advantage of the right to unionise which is one of our most fundamental freedoms, as enshrined in the preamble to the Constitution of 1946: “Everyone may defend his rights and interests by trade-union action and may join the union of his choice.”

A right which is not exercised is a right which is in danger of withering. You are fortunate enough to have several unions in your workplace. If you have not already done so, why not choose the one which you feel best represents your interests.

If you would like to know more about our union, SICTAME-UNSA-TOTAL, which is a completely independent union, we would be delighted to meet you or provide you with information. SICTAME (Syndicat des Ingénieurs, Cadres, Techniciens, Agents de Maîtrise et Employés - Union of Engineers, Managers, Technicians, Supervisors and Employees) is, as its name suggests, open to all employees of the TOTAL Group.

Since 1 July 2004, SICTAME has been affiliated with the UNSA (Union Nationale des Syndicats Autonomes – National Union of Autonomous Unions). The UNSA is the fourth largest union movement in France and has grown considerably, particularly in the private sector, since it was founded in 1993.

In a sometimes fossilised union landscape, the UNSA has been a force for unity among union groups close to the rank and file that understand the interests of employees, while focusing on values of autonomy, reform, democracy and the pursuit of republican and humanist values.

If you decide to join a union, whatever company you work for, your annual membership dues will be calculated according to your salary and are very reasonable. Moreover, 66% of your dues are deductible from your taxes (you will be provided with a tax deduction certificate).

Do not hesitate to contact us, whether for a simple information request or to inform us of a problem.
Feel free to get in contact with any one of us, and you will find our contact details in the ‘Contact us’ section.

You can also fill in the membership form available in the section 'Adhésions' and return it to us.

A brief history of SICTAME-UNSA

In the same way that SNEA (1) came about following the merger of several companies, and TotalFinaElf (renamed TOTAL in 2003) was formed after the absorption of various groups, SICTAME (Syndicat des Ingénieurs, Cadres, Techniciens, Agents de Maîtrise et Employés – Union of Engineers, Managers, Technicians, Supervisors and Employees) was itself born out of the fusion of several unions.

SICTAME was formed in 1977 after the coming together of three distinct union bodies:*
- SICTE of the SNPA (2), (Syndicat des Ingénieurs, Cadres, Techniciens et Employés – Union of Engineers, Managers, Technicians and Employees), affiliated with the UCT (3) and SICTAME’s closest predecessor.
- SICETAM of the SNPA, (Syndicat des Ingénieurs, Cadres, Employés, Techniciens et Agents de Maîtrise – Union of Engineers, Managers, Employees, Technicians and Supervisors), affiliated with the CGC.
- SICERERAP of the ERAP (4), (Syndicat des Ingénieurs et Cadres des Entreprises de Recherche de l’ERAP  - Union of Engineers and Managers of ERAP’s Research Companies), affiliated with the UCT.

The statutes of SICTAME – affiliated with the UCT – were registered with Pau town hall on 1 July 1977.

Following resolutions made bythe UCT (General Assembly of 21 April 1979) and the CGC (Extraordinary Congress of 28 April 1979), SICTAME-SNEA decided by referendum to affiliate with the CGC’s Fédération MINATOM (5) on 1 September 1979, whereupon it became SICTAME-CGC.
SICTAME disaffiliates from the CFE-CGC.

In accordance with theresolution adopted by its Union Council on 21 November 2002, SICTAME-CGC opted to disaffiliate from the Fédération ENERMINE (5) and changed its name to SICTAME-TOTAL, more commonly known as SICTAME, with effect from 27 November 2002.

SICTAME-CGC thus disaffiliated from the CFE-CGC (6) and became independent, as in 1979, preserving its freedom and blossoming under its new name, SICTAME.
SICTAME affiliates with the UNSA on 1 July 2004.

In accordance with theresolution adopted by its Union Council on 1 July 2004, SICTAME affiliated with the UNSA (7) and became SICTAME-UNSA-TOTAL, more commonly known as SICTAME.

1) S.N.E.A.: Société Nationale Elf Aquitaine
2) S.N.P.A.: Société Nationale des Pétroles d’Aquitaine
3) U.C.T.: Union des Cadres et Techniciens (Union of Managers and Technicians)
4) E.R.A.P.: Entreprise de Recherches et d’Activités Pétrolières
5) MINATOM became ENERMINE on 01/01/1986
6) CFE-CGC: Confédération Française de l'Encadrement (French Confederation of Management)-CGC, formerly CGC.
7) UNSA : Union Nationale des Syndicats Autonomes (National Union of Autonomous Unions)